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According to Compass & Fork ….

Syros. Never heard of it? We think Syros is one of the best kept secrets in the Greek Islands. And I don’t think it is going to stay a secret much longer! Read on to learn why we think Syros is the best destination in the Greek Islands for 2018!

9 Reasons to Visit Syros

Several, well actually nine, reasons for my enthusiasm for Syros: (click on the link to go straight to that reason, if you must)

  1. It is uncrowded and relatively free from tourists.
  2. It’s unique– boutique shops and marble streets (I kid you not!) are part of its classy look.
  3. Great beaches! And that blue, crystal clear water you find in the Greek Islands!
  4. The history and culture of Syros is fascinating!
  5. Great restaurants and local specialty dishes.
  6. Syros is affordable– very affordable actually. Even luxury hotels are a fraction of the cost of its glitzy neighbors.
  7. Friendly locals.
  8. It’s clean and safe.
  9. Easy to get to Syros– only a short ferry ride from Athens or Mykonos.

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