Cooking at Chroussiano Farmhouse  is  a journey into time, feeling the history and culture of Syros in your plate and enjoying Greek hospitality at its best.

Especially after having foraged wild herbs walking around the farm, the cooking experience becomes far more interesting and creative.

You don’t need to be an experienced cook to join in as Maria, who is a professional chef, will guide you through the process, sharing cooking techniques, nutritional information and her stories as you cook together.

You will cook dishes of the Cyclades using herbs and infusions in an unexpected way, talking about the healing properties of herbs and their uses in cooking by adapting traditional recipes to today’s needs for wellbeing. 

Organic vegetables grown in the farm, wholemeal grains, wild herbs and spices will become a  unique, traditional Greek meal that is outside the mainstream of Greek food.

 A meal, pleasure for all the senses, we will all share with dishes exceptional in their simplicity you could never taste in a restaurant. 

The lessons can be arranged on request from Monday to Sunday.

English, French (translation by her assistant)

Number of participants 1 – 12

Duration about 3,5 hours and then lunch or dinner to enjoy all the dishes prepared !!

Maria is a professional chef who has worked in the culinary world since 1998. She is passionate about Greek cuisine and loves to showcase the unique ingredients and flavors that can be found in the various regions and islands of Greece. The dishes she creates have a strong sense of place making each meal a real feast for the palate. Maria has lived on Syros for 5 years and strongly believes the island is a herbal paradise. She now specializes in collecting and using wild herbs and greens in her cooking, along with organic products from local farms, exceptional Cycladic cheeses, spices and grains which give the dishes a unique, fresh and often unexpected flavor.

Hands on cooking lessons can be really fun !!