Project Description

 The Feldenkrais Method is about improving movement. Learning how to move more efficiently using your awareness. Feldenkrais invites you to draw your awareness to the way you already move, asking questions of your natural intelligence to play and discover new ways of moving, using less effort and tension.

The Method has many benefits. It can have a positive impact on physical and emotional wellbeing. People notice positive changes to their posture, balance and coordination, and breathing. Some use Feldenkrais to support recovery from aches and pains, others to improve their performance in sports. Feldenkrais attracts people from varied  backgrounds, from children to older people.

Group classes

Group classes are called Awareness Through Movement.  In a Awareness Through Movement class the Practitioner talks you through gentle yet precisely structured movement sequences, bringing your awareness to your internal sensations to create new movement possibilities. 

Individual sessions

Individual Sessions are called Functional Integration lessons are individual lessons, lasting about an hour. They are tailor-made to suit a certain need or a specific theme determined by the student.   During the one-to-one lesson the Practitioner uses gentle touch instead of verbal instructions to invite, suggest and guide new ways of moving.