Easter on Syros is a unique experience.

Syros reigns over the Aegean with the dynamic personality and cosmopolitan grace of a fine upper class lady. Seat of the local administration and capital to the whole of the Cyclades as well as the island itself, Hermoupolis is a town of great standing, retaining and promoting the prestige of its glorious past. Its history unfolds through labyrinthine alleyways, its traditional villages combining Medieval and Cycladic architecture, Orthodox and Catholic churches. Latticework coasts, the shimmering blue of the Aegean and the stunning natural landscape all contribute to a fairy tale visage.

Easter on Syros is a unique experience. Here, at the “heart” of the Aegean, lies one of the few corners of the world where two different Christian communities, Orthodox and Catholic, always celebrate the most important date in the Christian calendar simultaneously, symbolizing the concord and solidarity that exists between them.